Gobius1 - 3/4 Tank alarm system for Waste Tank

  • Manufactured by: White


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Gobius 3/4 level is suitable for all Waste Holdings Tanks

and for all tank materials

  • Stainless Steel, 1-3 mm
  • Steel, 1-3 mm
  • Aluminum, 2-5 mm
  • Polyethelen, 2-10 mm
  • Fibre Glass, 4-8 mm

    After many requests for a less sophisticated tank alarm for waste holding tanks, Gobius can now present a product which is very easy to install; Gobius 1 3/4 Level Alarm System. It has only one sensor which is placed on the outside of the tank wall at the 3/4 mark. The product then warns you when you have reached that 3/4 mark allowing you to alleviate the tank without the horrible thought of the tank over flowing.

    Gobius 1 can still be upgraded to a 4 level measuring version with the addition of two extra sensors to be installed at the quarter and half levels. Gobius 1 works fine on metal as well as plastic tanks and supports 12-24 volts.

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