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Speed & Heading.

Focus on the fundamentals.

  • Ten seconds after your start, the ProStart automatically switches to showing your GPS speed (SOG) and heading (COG). The accuracy and responsiveness of the speed measurements make the ProStart an unparalleled tool for optimizing your boatspeed.
  • Since SOG and COG describe your course over the bottom (where the marks are anchored) the ProStart is also an extremely powerful tool for determining the influence of current on your performance. When you cross a tideline, the numbers on the ProStart jump and you can instantly see how favorable the new current is.

    Automatic shift tracking.

    Spot trends at a glance.

  • The ProStart’s shift tracker locks on to the mean heading for your tack and then shows deviations from that heading with an easy-to-read bar graph.
  • If you tack or jibe again, the shift tracker detects this, resets the bar graph and locks on to your new tack.
  • All this happens 100% automatically; you don’t need to press any buttons to make it happen. The ProStart constantly crunches the numbers for you in the background so that, whenever you happen to glance at the instrument, you can see how far you’re up or down.

    Flashback to glory.

  • You won't find a single sailor, be it an Opti kid or seasoned pro who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing how fast they went.
  • With the ProStart you can recall your session’s absolute maximum and best 10 second average speeds with the click of a single clearly-marked button.
  • In case you were wondering, the headless man in the photo is 2 x 49er World Champion Nathan Outteridge. When he isn't busy going to the Olympics or winning brand-new Audis he likes to blow off steam in a Mach 2 foiler Moth. There is nothing fake about the photo. The man actually sailed his 11-foot dinghy at over 30 Knots.

    GPS Data Logging.

  • In addition to providing you real-time, on-the-water data, the ProStart constantly records your speed, heading and position to keep a running log of your most recent 30 hours of sailing. Once you get back to shore you can download this data to your Mac or PC and create race replay animations.

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