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Railblaza TracPort Dash 500

  • Model: 03-4102-11


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Strength and convenience, married in a 500 mm rail equipped with 4 StarPorts and two StarPort adapters for mounting. Put your own RAILBLAZA accessories together in a convenient, lightweight system... Then remove the system when you're finished for security, transport or storage! The TracPort Dash 500 comes with 4 StarPorts, 2 StarPort adapters, infill extrusion and all fastenings needed to install and trim the rail.

TracPort Dash 500: 500mm extrusion, 2 x endcaps, 4 x Starport/TracNut Combos, Infill cut to length, 2 x StarPort Adapters, all fastenings.

Required Tools:

  • Tape Measure or Rule
  • Number 3 phillips Screwdriver
  • If mounting centers are other than 100mm (4") you will also require;
  • Number 2 pozidrive screwdriver
  • Center punch
  • 6.5mm (1/4") drill bit
  • Coutersink bit (optional)

    Before installing:
    The TracPort Dash 500 requires 2 StarPorts pre-fitted to the surface or rail it will be mounted on, if these StarPorts are at 100mm (4") centers the pre-drilled mounting holes on the TracPort Dash 500 can be used.

    Drilling holes in TracPort : If the StarPorts on your vessel are not at 100mm (4") centers you will need to drill new mounting holes for the adaptors. Remove endcap screws and take off the endcap from one end, then loosen the screws on the front of the StarPorts and remove enough StarPorts to give access to the TracPort surface, mark and centre punch new drilling points at the same centers as your StarPorts. Using a 6.5mm (1/4") drill bit, drill through the TracPort, then countersink the holes on the inside, ready for the countersunk screw head.

    Fitting the adaptors : The two supplied adaptors come with nuts inserted. Thread the plastic washers onto the screws before inserting bolts through the TracPort and screwing loosely into the adaptors. Place the adaptors into your StarPorts, and then tighten the screws using the phillips screwdriver.

    Fitting the optional Infill Extrusion The TracPort infill strip is used to trim the extrusion and reduce fouling. Once your accessories have been mounted, use a sharp knife, scissors or a guillotine to cut strips of infill to length and press them firmly into the extrusion from the front, not slide in from the end.

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