Centreboard Winch SH300

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  • Manufactured by: James Nilsson


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Self Holding Hand Winch

positive hold - controlled - safe lowering

Model: SH300
* Loads to 300Kg
* No Free wheel
* Will not run back
* Controlled - safe lowering
* Two optional mounts
* 3 optional cable entries
* Single point lubrication
* Bronze spool and gear
* Stainless steel worm
* CP601 gearbox
* Black anodised finish
* Square drive handle
* Extended handles possible
* Gear ratio 20/1

Gearbox size : 100 x 107 x 135 Installed weight : 3Kg

STORAGE CAPACITY: 3mm = 11metre ... 4mm = 8metre .... 5mm = 4metre

The first 5 turns (about 600mm) should not be wound off and are used to give proper grip on the empty spool.

SH300 winches are used where safe,controlled raising and lowering of a load is required. There is no free wheel mechanism to allow a sudden , dangerous dropping of the load. Used for centre boards, davits, industrial positioning, domestic high storage, commercial vehicles, theatre lighting.


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