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RescueMe PLB1

  • Model: Rescueme PLB1
  • Manufactured by: Ocean Signal


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One only at this price. 5 of the 7 year battery remaining.

Introducing the world’s smallest PLB
• 30% smaller (typ) by volume
• Easily fits in lifejacket
• Retractable Antenna
• 7 Year Battery Life
• 7 year warranty
• High brightness strobe light >1candela
• 66 channel GPS receiver
• Unique mounting clip and flotation lanyard
• Can be programmed to any country code

Wherever you are at sea or on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button.

The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use.

rescueME PLB1 works with the only officially recognised worldwide dedicated search and rescue satellite network (operated by Cospas Sarsat). As this is funded by governments there are NO CHARGES to use this service.

When activated the rescueME PLB1 transmits your position and your ID to a Rescue Coordination Center via satellite link. Rescue services are promptly notified of your emergency and regularly advised of your current location.

PLBs vs. EPIRBs?

PLBs operate the way that an EPIRB works. It gathers your GPS coordinates, and sends these coordinates through a 5 watt transmitter (same as EPIRB) to satellites, towers, or to close by (line of sight) vessels monitoring 121.5MHz.

Rescue aircraft are capable of locking onto a PLB 406MHz signal from, as far away as 150 miles out! (at 30,000 ft.)

The major difference between a PLB and EPIRB is the size of the unit, thus size of the battery. The EPIRB battery normally lasts 48 hrs. (plus or minus a few), and the PLB's smaller battery will last 24 hrs. (plus or minus a few). If rescue cannot get to you within the 24 hrs., they will at least have a good idea of your location due to the tracking of the signals recieved.

the PLB may be the better choice on the water for the following reasons:

1. If your vessel capsizes and the EPIRB is in a cat II. bracket, it is going to stay there. If it is positioned center of the vessel, such as a center console, and is released by a Cat.I hydrostatic realease unit (HRU), it will float straight up into the deck of the overturned vessel and remain there. Normally a boat will have the deck level, foam, then the hull. The chances that the EPIRB will transmit through these three levels is very slim to none.

2. The PLB has been proven many times over, and you can verify this by all the testimonies listed on the PLB manufacturers websites, ie. ACR, McMurdo, or Doug Ritter's website, where he has tested and reviewed them. If you encounter a sudden onset capsize or sinking, you could find yourself in the water with no active EPIRB for reasons mentioned above.

Or lets say the EPIRB does deploy as advertised. The signal will bring searchers to the signal placed by the EPIRB, not you.

So, if you are several miles away from the EPIRB, how does that help you? By having a PLB on your person, you are assured that searchers come to YOU and not to your EPIRB or sunken vessel, thus shortening your stay in the water.

Want complete reassurance? Place an EPIRB on your vessel and a PLB on your person. The reason I like this smaller and lighter PLB is that you can actually, pre-place it on your lifevest bladder so that it will be there and ready to use once you inflate the lifevest. You have an active signal because it is up and out of the water and has a clear line of sight to the sky.

The technology is there, use it. Don't diminish the value because of the size. Remember how large the cell phones were when they first came out?

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