Stressfree Midi Anchor Winch

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Stressfree Midi Anchor Winch

Midi Standard Stress Free Drum Winch

Stress free anchor retrieval from this compact winch.

* Suitable for boats from 6 – 7 metres

* Fits neatly into the anchor well

* The motor can be mounted at 30, 45 and 90 degrees to suit the configuration of the anchor well

* 1400 watt motor

* Constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel

* Maximum lifting capacity 250 kilos (when the drum diameter is small)

* Holding capacity at anchor is 1800 kilos

* Rated to 135 amps

* Normal running the Stress Free will use 25 – 30 amps and under load up to 55 amps

* To protect the motor, the circuit breaker will trip out if there is a power overload (for example if the anchor is stuck on the bottom)

* Recommend dual batteries with the battery switch on BOTH

* Can be deck mounted

Drum capacity

• 85 metres of 10mm nylon plus 8 metres of 8mm chain OR

• 110 metres of 8mm nylon plus 8 metres of 8mm chain OR

• 200 metres of 6mm double braid eye spliced to 5 metres of 8mm nylon and 8 metres of 8mm short link chain

The gearbox mounting holes in the mounting bracket allow the motor and drive to be installed at 4 angles to suit different anchor well configurations. Another 8 adjustment angles are available at 30º and 45º from each of the basic 4 mounting holes.

NB: The amount of chain can be lengthened or shortened to meet individual needs. In these situations the amount of rope must be tailored to ensure there is a maintained clearance between the chain and the baseplate.

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