MPS Electrolysis Blocker-Galvanic Isolator

  • Model: MPSEB100
  • Manufactured by: L&B


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Marina Protection Systems Electrolysis Blocker

Marina Protection Systems' award winning Electrolysis Blocker is designed to address the corrosion problem that occurs when dissimilar vessel hulls and/or structured materials are electrically connected to a common ground.


  • When vessels are isolated from different electrical potentials, the electrical potential (emf.) is allowed to equalise, resulting in a mass decrease in the metal ion transfer rate (corrosion).
  • Rated to 67A and meets the stringent AS/NZS test standards for fault current of up to 5000A
  • Note: *Galvanic Isolators are now recommended in the latest AS/NZS standards

    How It Works

  • Vessels in a marina are interconnected via the common shore earth which carries low voltage DC current between them and the marina.
  • This DC current is passed through the metal through hull fittings in to the water where it is free to contribute to galvanic corrosion. The result is more rapid consumption of anodes and then damage to unprotected submerged metal parts.
  • An Electrolysis Blockerâ„¢:
  • Blocks the damaging DC current
  • Maintains effective AC earth capability
  • Standards AS/NZS3004.2.2008 & 3820:2009
  • ABYC A-28
  • Marine ISO 8846

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