Oil Extraction Pump 12V

  • Model: 18550-12v
  • Manufactured by: Absolute


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12 volt Oil Extraction Pump

Now there is an easy way to remove fluids from your boat/car/motorhome. Just put the suction hose down the dipstick tube and turn the switch on and watch the fluids flow.

This is a great solution when you have a difficult to get to sump plug or maybe it's seized and you can't get it out.


- Power Draw: Approx. 5A

- Sound Preasure Level: 70Db(A)

- Vibration: <2,5m/s2

- Flow rate of 3-4 litres per minute pending oil* viscosity

- Standard 12V DC power supply works on all batteries

- Straight forward design

- 12 Months Warranty

What's in the box?:

- Pump with power cable and battery clips attached

- Suction hose 6 mm x 1.2m

- 10 mm ID discharge hose

- 2 x Hose Clamps

- Instructions

Before using this product, please read the Use Instructions and follow them carefully. Keep the Use Instructions for further reference.

This oil pump is designed for clean replacing of oil and/or draining engine oil, diesel or fuel oil.

Do not pump gasoline, kerosene or other highly flammable liquids! EXPLOSION HAZARD! - Do not pump water or gearbox oil: this will cause damage to the pump.


When connecting the battery clips, keep correct polarity!

Always switch the engine off when pumping

Always heat engine oil up before pumping!

Never leave the pump ”running idle” When oil pumping is interrupted, switch the pump off immediately.

Collect the used oil in a container of sufficient capacity. Make sure that oil does not leak into earth or sewerage! dispose of in a used oil disposal facility!!!

Oil pump Use Instructions:

1. Before replacing oil, heat the engine up until the temperature reaches approx. 40-50°C.

2. Switch off the engine!!

3. Connect the suctionhose & the discharge to the pump and secure using the supplied hoseclips.

4. Insert the suction hose as far down the dipstick tube as you can to the deepest point of the engine sump.

5. Put the discharge hose into a suitable container (insure it is secure so it won't come out while pumping oil).

6. Connect the oil pump to the cars battery. KEEP CORRECT POLARITY!!! (black clip to the negative pole, red clip to the positive pole).

7. Switch the oil pump on at the unit to start pumping.

8. When pumping is finished or after 15 minutes (the oil pump is designed to run for approx. 15 minutes at a time. After that, let the pump cool down) switch the pump off. Never leave the pump ”running idle”

9. Disconect pump from battery and remove the suction hose from dipstick tube.

9. Refill the engine with new oil according to the car manufacturer’s instructions. Next, check the oil level using the oil gauge.

After finishing the job, clean the pump with fresh oil and its accessories properly; keep it in a dry dustproof place.

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