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Altex Elite Pro-Spray Polyurethane Topcoat Group 3

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  • Manufactured by: Altex

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Elite Polyurethane


Elite Polyurethane is based on the latest aliphatic urethane technology, giving a light fast finish coat with long lasting gloss.

  • Elite Polyurethane excels in marine applications, providing the maximum gloss and colour retention, as well as resistance to moderate-severe corrosive environments.
  • Elite Polyurethane is recommended for use on all topsides, decks, interiors and fittings requiring a premium quality finish.
  • Elite Polyurethane also has excellent performance in areas such as showers, heads and galleys.

    Limitations of Use:

  • Elite Polyurethane is available in a wide range of colours with varying degrees of opacity. Whites and pastel shades will generally yield full colour coatings after applying one or two coats at the recommended thickness. Deep tone shades are invariably based on transparent or semi-transparent pigments – such colours will require careful selection of correct undercoat tone and will often require several separate discrete coats before full colour opacity is achieved.
  • Application of multi-coats of deep tone colours requires careful observation of minimum and maximum recoat times – coat to coat – and may also require light sanding between coats. Refer “Dry Time – Self recoat”


  • Outstanding cosmetic properties
  • Exceptional wet look gloss
  • Exceptional depth of colour
  • Excellent chemical resistance – colour pigments may be affected to varying degrees. Note: This high degree of chemical resistance dictates the need for careful observation of recoat times and / or intercoat preparation where multiple coats are applied. Refer to “Limitations of use” and “Dry Time – Self Recoat”
  • Excellent durability
  • High flexibility and toughness
  • Improved retention of cosmetic properties due to high UV resistance
  • Lead and chromate free

    Specific Data:

  • Generic Type: New Technology Linear Urethane
  • Colour: refer Altex Yacht & Boat Colour Chart
  • Packaging: 2L or 8L litre, Two component kits
  • Mix Ratio: 1 to 1 by volume
  • Gloss: High
  • Flash Point: 24°C Setaflash
  • Thinner: Altex Thinner #20
  • Pot Life (at 25°C): Unthinned - 3 hours, 10% Thinning - 6 hours
  • Induction Time: 15 minutes at 25°C
  • Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions
  • Density: 1.27 kg per mixed litre
  • Volume Solids (Mixed): 60%
  • Theoretical Coverage Rate: 12 sq. metres per litre at 50 microns dry
  • Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat: 83 microns wet to obtain 50 microns dry
  • Application: Airless spray, Air Spray, Brush or Roller
  • Dry Times (at 25°C / 50 µm DFT / 50% RH):
  • Touch Dry - 3 hours
  • Hard Dry - 6 hours
  • Self Recoat - 4 hours minimum, 24 hours maximum without sanding

    Note: If recoating is required after more than 24 hours matt surface using fine grade (approx. 240 grit) sand paper, wet-and-dry or Scotchbrite® pad DO NOT sand using lubricated (stearate coated) paper.

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