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Antenna Splitter for AIS WatchMate-RX

To simplify installation you can share an existing VHF antenna by using this splitter. It safely isolates the AISWatchMate RX when you transmit on your VHF radio.

It's a good solution when it is difficult to install an additional antenna or you wish to share your existing masthead antenna.

The splitter is specifically designed for AIS and comes with the proper cables to plug directly into the AISWatchMate RX and your VHF radio. It is an active unit that requires a 12VDC power source. Once installed, you won't need to worry about damaging your AISWatchMate RX when you transmit on your VHF radio.

You install it by simply inserting it between your existing VHF radio and antenna connection.

When used with a masthead antenna you can optimize the range of your AISWatchMate RX because the antenna is mounted as high as possible.

NOTE: This AIS splitter is for use with AIS receivers and not transponders. It is designed to be used with a single transmitter and multiple receivers. If you want to share an antenna between a transponder and VHF radio, a transponder splitter is required.


This is an active splitter that blocks reception to the AIS receiver during transmission of the connected VHF transmitter with a maximum output power of 25 W.


Power supply range : 9 - 16 Volts DC

Power consumption : <0.1 W


Frequency range 155-163 MHz

Insertion loss : <1dB

Max transmitter power: 25 W


Main Body L x W x H: 110 x 62 x 45 (mm)

Weight : 500g


VHF radio: UHF male

VHF antenna: UHF female

AIS receiver: BNC male

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 14 November, 2008.

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