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Cruzpro FU60 Digital Fuel Gauge Display

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Cruzpro


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Operating Voltage:

  • 9.5 - 33.0 VDC

    Current Drain:

  • 0.018 amps nominal


  • Better than 2% (trainable)

    Data Editor:

  • Fuel level data editor.
  • Fuel sender resistance data editor.
  • Data editor can be used to manually enter fuel calibration data or to correct an existing calibration curve.


  • 4 digit LCD, 5 levels of backlighting

    Displayed Data:

  • Fuel remaining, trip fuel used, total fuel used, consumption rate (gal/liters per hr), Time-To-Go (at current consumption rate) before fuel gone.


  • Works with all popular fuel senders, both American and European standards (Centroid, Faria, GM, VDO, Teleflex, Stewart-Warner, etc.) The FU60 digital fuel gauge is manufactured to work with any standard resistance type level sender having the following resistance ranges: 0-30, 0-70, 0-90, 10-73, 10-180, 33-240, 40-250 ohms (and their reverse 30-0, 70-0, 90-0, 73-10, 180-10, 240-33, 250-40 ohms). The FU60 will actually also work with any non-standard resistive sender that varies from a minimum of 0 ohms to a maximum of 300 ohms or a maximum of 300 ohms to a minimum of 0 ohms. For example, a resistive sender that varies in resistance from 100 to 150 ohms would work. So would a sender that varies from 75 ohms to 25 ohms. The FU60 can also be ordered from the factory set to work with 4-20mA senders or 0-5V sender, as a special order item.

    External Outputs/Alarms:

  • Output screw terminal user programmable for choice of:
  • NMEA 0183 serial
  • External Alarm Output
  • Day tank fuel transfer pump control

    NMEA 0183 Data:

  • Fuel Remaining
  • Trip Fuel Used
  • Total Fuel Used (Required to fill the tank)
  • Fuel Consumption Rate
  • Time to Go (before you run out of fuel)


  • Built-in 85 dB audible alarm. Settable Low and High fuel alarms

    Fuel Transfer Pump Control:

  • Programmable lower fuel level limit to turn ON a fuel transfer pump.
  • Programmable upper fuel level limit to turn OFF the fuel transfer pump.


  • 2.5" dia X 4.1" deep (61mm x 104mm)


  • 2-1/8" (55mm) round hole

    Custom Versions:

  • Contact us for OEM customized versions to satisfy your particular application.

  • This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 January, 2002.

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