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Hydrostatic release unit


Designed and fabricated from tough non-corrosive materials, the Seamate™ HRU represents innovative thinking and real cost saving benefits in automatic Hydrostatic Release Units (HRU). Seamate™ HRU’s meet all international regulations and each unit is individually tested to ensure that it is the most reliable HRU in an emergency situation.

How Does it Work?

The Seamate™ Hydrostatic Release Unit can be fitted to EPIRBs and any container packed life raft, from 4 – 150 person capacity to allow unattended deployment in a vessel sinking emergency. It requires no service, maintenance or spare parts after installation.

At a depth of between 1.5 to four metres, water pressure depresses an internal diaphragm within the device. This operates the cutting mechanism within the release housing that secures the raft container to its cradle or mounting position.

The life raft will then float free of the sinking vessel and rise towards the surface with the raft’s painter line paying out as the vessel continues to sink. When all the free length of painter line is paid out, the inflation mechanism of the life raft is activated; the life raft inflates and continues to rise towards the surface.

At this point of inflation, the weak link on the HRU breaks and allows the life raft, now unattached to the vessel, to continue to float to the surface, ready for boarding.

Seamate HRU Features

Suitable for life rafts from 4 to 150 persons – maximum load 10kN (2250 lbs).

Fabricated from non-corrosive, long lasting, quality components.

Highly reliable release mechanism – does not depend on pyrotechnic device or battery.

The service life of three years – no maintenance required. Realise 50% more active service compared with the usual two year in-service period offered by other popular brands.

Complies with SOLAS and IMO regulations, DNV, Wheelmark Certified, US Coast Guard approved.


SOLAS 74 Convention, as amended regulation III/4, X/3, III/13.4.2, III/26.2.2 & III/34

IMO Resolution MSC. 48(66) amended by MSC. 207(81), MSC 218(82) & MSC 272(85 IMO Resolution MSC. 97(73) 8.1 & 8.6 (2000 HSC Code)

IMO MSC/Circ. 811IMO Resolution MSC. 81(70) amended by MSC. 200(80), MSC. 226(82) & MSC. 274(85)

Installation guide for liferafts

1. Attach the Seamate HRU top connection point with a shackle to life raft lashing or slip hook.

2. With the aid of a shackle, connect the life raft’s PAINTER LINE to Seamate HRU Weak Link as shown in the illustration.

3. Attach the Seamate HRU bottom connection point with a shackle to vessel’s deck or mounting cradle

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